What are the Future Scopes of AngularJS

The extreme popularity of AngularJS has established it as the front-runner among all the other frameworks. The marketplace for the AngularJS has become huge where the new version of Angular 2 is just around the corner. 

Due to its ability to create single-page web applications, AngularJS emerges out to be the most preferred development platform by the cash-rich enterprises and the bootstrapped startups. 
The gateway to successful career growth
AngularJS, the JavaScript framework is designed for the web developers who aim for more control over their web applications. It completes a lot by making use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. AngularJS has been widely used since 2010 with its popularity now growing thicker. Its demand is growing higher that it has become an essential skill for the developers. Due to its capability in integrating with other tools and frameworks, AngularJS is dominating the arena of the JavaScript frameworks.

Why is AngularJS more popular?

Being a Google product, AngularJS inspires trust by itself pointing out its awesome features making it more popular among the other frameworks. Here let’s see some of the aforesaid features that make it more popular:
  • Two-way Data-binding
This is one of the most useful features in the AngularJS where the date between the model and view components gets automatically synchronized.

  • Templates
Templates are written with HTML containing Angular-specific elements and attributes.

  • Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture
This is also one of the important features which split the web application into a more manageable structure. It consists of the following three parts namely Model which is the section responsible for maintaining the data. The View which shows a portion or the whole part of the data to the users, and then the Controller which controls the interaction between the Model and the view.

  • Directives
These directives help in extending the HTML where it can be used in creating custom HTML tags. These are mainly applied in the View part. These directives, when attached to the HTML elements, tend to enhance it with new functions.

  • Dependency Injection
The dependency injection subsystem in the AngularJS assists the developer in making the application to be developed easier, understandable and easy to test. With this feature, various components get to use other components on which they are dependent.
The Popularity of AngularJS jobs
It is seen as the successful key to the revolutionary career in the Web development field making it a valuable skill for the web developers. AngularJS has marked itself as the superheroic JavaScript framework. Even though there are a lot many JavaScript frameworks like EmberJS, and ReactJS,  job opportunities are higher for AngularJS. According to some recent reports from famous job portal sites, the job market for the AngularJS developers is progressing well.


Learning AngularJS is proved to be a golden asset for the web developers in this arena and will pay off a large remuneration as the skill progresses. So grab the best-paying AngularJS jobs in the top AngularJS development companies.
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