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AngularJS is a powerful front-end JavaScript framework maintained by Google for the development web applications. This framework attained maturity very quickly by means of contributions added to it by a knowledge  community and skilled AngularJS developers. The features enabled in AngularJS 2 will help designers to try a hand in building even more powerful front end applications. Angular2 has more stability and user-friendly options. Web designers who were using AngularJS 1.3 must update their technical know-how a bit forward to handle the features enabled in AngularJS 2 effortlessly. The online articles, tutorials, and videos listed in this article will help them in this affair.

All About AngularJS 2.O:- 

http://eisenbergeffect.bluespire.com/all-about-angular-2-0/ As the title indicates All about AngularJS 2.0 is an excellent article. It begins with explanations on AngularJS 1.3 and things motivated to the development of AngularJS 2. It shares all the vital aspects of AngularJS 2 with the readers including AtScript, Dependency Injection, Templating, Data binding, and the Routers. It describes all these vital functions with the aid of a useful commentary.

Migrating to AngularJS2.0:-   

http://paislee.io/migrating-to-angularjs-2-0/ It is a brilliant tutorial to help developers who are planning to migrate to AngularJS 2 from AngularJS 1.3. The tutorial explains the making of Directives, cleaning up of $Scopes, and the implementation of AtScript. The article offers great help for developers who plan for the migration.

Angular 2 Forms:-

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4C4bmDOV5hk This is probably one of the best videos that users can find details on AngularJS 2 over the internet. It is presented in a great style, and explanations are prompt. Only one drawback of this video is that the sound settings are not so prompt. Users will have to download the video, or keep the volume controller high to get things clearly audible.

An Introduction to AngularJS 2:-

http://angular-tips.com/blog/2015/05/an-introduction-to-angular-2/ An introduction to AngularJS 2 is an outstanding tutorial which depicts how to code AngularJS 2 correctly with the assistance of brief codes or scripts. The creation of views are explained in simple terms, and it serves the purpose of every user. The tutorial is not complete, for it does not describe every useful feature which Angular 2 encompasses, but the things explained in this tutorial have a good clarity.

Year of Moo:-

http://www.yearofmoo.com/2012/08/use-angularjs-to-power-your-web-application.html The tutorial describes fundamental things you need to know about angular.js 2. It has everything well- explained for the users such as modules, Routes, Directives, and Dependency Injection. In it, users can also see the descriptions about the using of AngularJS with MooTools and jQuery. If you want to know more about the tips and techniques of using AngularJS check out the another tutorial on the web space:-

Angular 1 VS Angular 2: An In-Depth Comparison:- 

http://blog.angular-university.io/introduction-to-angular2-the-main-goals/ This blog on AngularJS may not suit the purpose of hardcore angular developers, but it provides comprehensive details on angularJS 2 for the one who chooses to study the basic difference between Angular 1 and 2.

Dependency Injection in Angular 2:- 

http://blog.thoughtram.io/angular/2015/05/18/dependency-injection-in-angular-2.html The article provides readers with complete details on dependency injection. It gives a faultless set of scripts accompanied with suitable explanations on dependency injection in Angular 2.

Wrapping it up:-  

Angular has earned much fame as a useful JavaScript framework, and users can trace out many companies that offer hire Angular JS developer service for variable costs. Novice developers who do not have much knowledge on scripting with AngularJS can make use of these tutorials to improve their subject knowledge on AngularJS 2.
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